Tracfone ZTE Midnight


ZTE Midnight

TheTracfone ZTE Midnight is another 3.5″ entry level device for the cost conscious consumer. This one comes to us with GSM technology which would activate with either TMobile or AT&T. This is essentially the same device as the ZTE Valet with a few exceptions. Main one being the fact that the Midnight is GSM while the Valet is CDMA.

Tracfone ZTE Availability

Android Feature Highlights

First and foremost, we have an entry level 800 mhz processor which pretty capable for a phone of this nature. Android OS is 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which is not the latest but still fairly new. Now don’t worry about it having an 800 mhz processor because performance is excellent all things considered when coupled with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Despite it being a Tracfone, we have access to all the latest apps via the Google Play store. Unlike older tracfones which were not smartphones, you can dowload any free or paid app since downloads are offered through Google and not Tracfone. Next on the list is Google maps which is fully functional because the phone has GPS capabilities like no Tracfone before it.  GPS capabilities also give you access to Google’s navigation app. Of course you also get built in WiFi which allows you to save your minutes when a wireless internet connection is available. Finally, is the 3mp digital camera with video recorder. It’s not the most powerful camera in the world but it takes good images and also does video recording as well. There is no built in LED flash on the phone in case you are wondering.

The phone handles multi media tasks quite well. Youtube performs flawlessly without a hitch or hiccups. You can also stream Netflix but that is best done when on WiFi as this is not the phone you want to use lots of data with. As always on modern phones, you have mp3 playing capabilities.

Design Highlights

The most notable design feature here is the dark blue body. Other than that, the layout is quite similar to just about every other entry level Android on the market. The phone comes with a compact 3.5″ screen and the body is very compact as well measuring about 4 1/2 inches in height x 2 1/2 inches in width and about 1/2 inch thick. This is a very nice pocket phone! One item of note is the 4 android button layout which is quite unusual these days since most are now coming with the 3 button layout. This tells me that this phone is of an older design but that’s ok because since it comes the newer android version.

One of the things I like about these ZTE phones is that it comes with a rubberized texture on the body and battery cover.  Speaking of battery covers, the Midnight has one that is easily removed without breaking out the butter knife. Comes in handy when swapping out the micro SD card which is located under the cover.

Calling Area and Calling Plans

The great thing about the Tracfone Android phones is that you don’t have to buy unlimited cards because you can use the traditional Tracfone cards that are available for their regular phones. This means you can have a basic calling plan with data for as little as $7 a month.  Probably the best deal though is the 450 min card because it gives you up to 1.2 gigs of data for about $26. Another cool thing about this is that you can use different cards as needed so you are not obligated to always use the highest denomination cards.

As mentioned at the beginning, this phone is of the GSM type which means Tracfone will activate it using either TMobile or AT&T. If for some reason you prefer or need Verizon/Sprint coverage, then you may want to take a look at the Tracfone ZTE Valet.


In a nutshell, the ZTE Midnight is a great little android under $100. Not the most advanced phone by any means but the newer Android is very capable and able to handle most tasks. There are currently 3 Androids for Tracfone and this is the only GSM one in the bunch so if for some reason, you require AT&T or TMobile, the Midnight is the one to get. is proudly powered by WordPress.
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